15-501 Durham Location

This is the “newest” Durham location that opened in the early 2019. The old location in this area was closer to University Drive and was only a drive-thru location. The new location is closer to 15-501 where Business-15 breaks off from 15-501. It is in the shopping center where the Target and Sam’s Club is located.

The actual address is 4139 Durham Chapel Hill Blvd , Durham , NC 27707 and this is known as the South Square location

Due to the fact that my home Chick-Fil-A is less than 10 miles away, I rarely go to this location.

Date(s) visited –

  • June 3rd, 2019

Efficiency (4/5) – While not slow, this location did not have the fastest service. The few times I have been to this Chick-Fil-A location I have noticed they are a little slower than the Southpoint Mall freestanding location. Overall, it is much more efficient than any other fast food restaurant, just not as efficient as other locations in the Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill area. There is a double drive-thru and the employees are using kiosks to take your order. I have never used the drive-thru at this location.

Taste (3/5) – I tried the new Smokehouse BBQ Bacon Sandwich (fried) with fries and a sweet tea. While the sandwich wasn’t bad, it wasn’t as good as a basic Chick-Fil-A fried chicken sandwich. The bacon was not nearly as good as a place like Merritt’s and the BBQ sauce has a taste that was more tangy and not as appealing to me.

Friendliness (5/5) – I received a few “my pleasures” and there was an employee that took my plate to the trash as soon as I was finished. I also did not have to wait very long to get my sweet tea refilled.

Location/Accessibility (3/5) – The location is much better than the previous location but accessibility is a bit of an issue. Most that are not familiar with the area will not realize there are two entrances/exits. The entrance/exit closer to Target is much easier to get in and out of because it is not right next to the drive-thru. The main entrance is right next to the double drive-thru and can get congested on the side street. I would imagine during lunch hours and on Saturday this could be a complete mess.